Hi, I’m Jolene

Thanks for stopping by! I was born and raised in Texas in the small ranching community of Dalhart. My Texas roots run deep, and they serve me well in my photography journey. I am not afraid to drag something through the mud to get just the right shot. I have lived in Indiana since 1995 and just when I think I have lost my accent someone {usually SIRI} will misunderstand me to remind me I have not.


My lifelong love of photography took a more serious tone when my son started playing sports so many years ago. Learning to work with light on a sun-drenched baseball diamond certainly helped me hone my craft, but capturing those fleeting moments was what really inspired me. My style is relaxed and natural. I want my work to show the true representation of you rather than a forced posed one. My job is to preserve your special moments in time that will last forever.


located in Carmel, IN 46033

TEL :: 317.413.4544