Kelsie & Her GORGEOUS twins! Jolene Broad Photography | Family Photography

I could write a book about this session!  I love this girl and I am SO proud of her!

Rewind 17 years ago, I just moved to Indiana from Texas bought my first house in Mooresville, In.  The couple we bought the home from had three girls and were busting at the seams to get out!!!!  They moved in behind us which was awesome just to have them looking out for us, and playing some pranks on us too!  {Kelsie’s dad knew I didn’t think deer heads belonged in the living room so he snuck in and put them all over my living room along with a bunch of  IU stuff.}  One day not long after getting settled in I came home from work to little tiny {and yes she was tiny even then….  and had the voice of a lumberjack} Kelsie in the corner of my porch with the biggest tears in her eyes, she missed her room and just wanted to come in.  The awesome thing looking back, I was probably homesick too and God sent me that little girl.  I was 25 and she was 7 and we hung out all the time.  Each day as I got home from work it wouldn’t be long before I heard that little lumberjack voice.  What cha doing?  Her mother would often have to call for me to send her home!!!!     Now, fast forward to today!!!  Of course Kelsie grew up and no longer wanted to hang out with an old lady.  So, we lost touch!  I was thrilled when she found me on facebook and have been even more thrilled watching her and these gorgeous little girls!  We have been through some similar things and I am so proud of the way she is handling herself and being the best most AWESOME mama she can be!!!!   As I told her the other day….  I loved your little self and I love your big self!  Lexi and Bailee ROCK and that comes from an awesome family!!!!!!!

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